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Allen and Gledhill Leverages Kofax Intelligent Capture and Exchange to Automate Business Processes and Develop a Unified Messaging Solution

Amy Crossin - Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kofax Solution Allows Employees of Singapore's Largest Law Firm to Send and Receive Faxes from their Desktop Computers

Allen & Gledhill Singapore Law FirmThe Situation
Founded in 1902, Allen & Gledhill has grown from a colonial partnership of two to become the largest law firm in Singapore with over 250 lawyers. The focus of the organization is to provide a premier legal service to a wide range of clients from all industries.

Over the years, the firm has received numerous accolades and awards from respected legal publications and directories. Allen & Gledhill is the only law firm in Singapore which is consistently ranked at the top of league tables for every major area of practice, including financial services, corporate & commercial, intellectual property & technology, litigation & dispute resolution and corporate real estate.

The Challenge
Allen & Gledhill regularly looks at new opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce overhead. As with all legal firms, the amount of paperwork involved in daily business processes is tremendous. With the number of users and the wide variety of messages involved, including faxes, paper documents, physical mail and emails, what the firm needed was a powerful technology solution to efficiently manage the inflow and outflow of information and data. Processing faxes efficiently and accurately was especially important to Allen & Gledhill since they are legally-binding documents and are useful for signatures.

The company also wanted a solution that would integrate with their existing technology investments, including Microsoft Exchange Server, a messaging and collaboration software, and Cisco Gateway, which delivers connectivity services to high-bandwidth users.

The Solution
Allen & Gledhill selected Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange, the foundation for Kofax's strategy to help organizations streamline business processes, to unify the wide variety of messages received on a single platform.

The Kofax business process solutions included:

  • Kofax Capture, the world's leading automated information capture platform
  • Kofax Communication Server, which coordinates and performs the automated exchange of information by integrating inbound and outbound communication channels

Kofax Intelligent Capture & Exchange provides industry-leading client integration with Microsoft Exchange. The Kofax solution allows virtually every type of message, including voice, email and faxes, to transparently integrate with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook clients. The Kofax solution enables users to send and receive faxes from their desktop computers through the use of FoIP (Fax over IP). The "IP" in FoIP stands for Internet Protocol, which describes the series of steps used to transmit data over the internet to the correct destination. With FoIP, the fax information is transmitted as "IP packets" over the internet instead of as analog signals over phone lines.

The Kofax Intelligent & Exchange solution delivers many benefits, including least cost routing, which determines the most cost-effective way to send messages, and non-repudiation, which provides proof of the integrity of the transmitted data. In addition, the Kofax solution enables users to preview their faxes before sending and delivers the status of transmitted messages in real-time.

The Kofax solution also allows Allen & Gledhill to retrieve statistics on faxes that are successfully transmitted. With the statistics report generated by the Kofax solution, the firm is now able to accurately monitor and bill the appropriate users and their departments for fax charges.

Since the Kofax solution was developed with non-technical users in mind, Allen & Gledhill's employees do not require any additional training in order to use the system. Allen & Gledhill"s lawyers can continue to concentrate on their core business responsibilities and contribute to the future success of the firm by increasing their billable minutes.

The Results
With the Kofax solution in place, logging into different systems and trips to the fax machine have become a thing of the past for Allen & Gledhill's employees. Users now enjoy increased convenience and flexibility in their work processes since they can now send and receive faxes from their desktop computers.

"Overall costs have decreased dramatically since the costs for fax machine maintenance and the use of paper have been greatly reduced," said Tania Waters, Project Manager of Allen & Gledhill. "Integration efforts have been minimal due to the open architecture and international standards used by Kofax solutions."

She added, "Another benefit provided by the Kofax solution's single platform and centralized point of administration is that minimal administrative efforts are required to manage the system. We now have better control of business processes as all messages, including fax communications, are now traceable and can be accurately charged to the respective departments and users. As a result, our employees are more productive, our client relations have been enhanced and our management is pleased."

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