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Kofax e-Transactions for Invoices

Kofax Capture Software | DCA | Kofax Diamond PartnerDigitally send and recieve documents without paper

Kofax e-Transactions is an add-on application for Kofax Transformation Modules that automates the electronic delivery of documents to a business process via secure email, removing the need for printing, mailing, scanning and data entry. Kofax e-Transactions allows enterprises to eliminate paper as quickly as possible, potentially at its source, and provides the most cost effective and easy-to-manage mechanism for on-ramping business-related content into a business process as it is generated.


With Kofax e-Transactions, documents can be delivered electronically to a business process by simply "printing" them.


Benefit from reduced paper handling and data entry costs, faster processing and fewer exceptions by sending and receiving documents digitally.

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