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Kofax Front Office Server

Kofax Capture Software | DCA | Kofax Diamond PartnerExtend Kofax Touchless Processing to hardware platforms that customer-facing employees rely on

Office Automation

Using devices like multifunction peripherals (MFPs), network scanners, smartphones or tablets, Kofax Front Office Server™ extends existing business processes to customer-facing employees. By simply dropping documents into a feeder or taking a picture, they can initiate transactions, workflows and capture processes at the earliest point of contact.

At the press of a button, Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) extracts and imports the information from documents necessary to initiate critical business processes directly from the Point of Origination™, as soon as the information is first available. This reduces or eliminates the need for document preparation and manual data entry. It empowers users with simple, yet secure and controlled capture-in-process capabilities as well as quick and intuitive document scan and routing features for convenient collaboration or basic filing.

KFS leverages the power of Kofax Capture™ and Kofax Transformation Modules™, for automated Touchless Processing capabilities that previously were only available in back-office production work environments. From branch or field offices, use KFS to eliminate error prone manual data entry, ensure compliance and reduce the process latency caused by slow and costly physical document distribution.

Key Benefits

Improved Accuracy & Speed of Decision Making
By accurately capturing more of the critical data that drives high value decisions at the earliest possible time, employees and managers are far more responsive to customer, partner and supplier demands. The result is a significant improvement in operational performance and agility.

Increased Value & Productivity of Imaging Infrastructure
Integrated capture features enable organizations to initiate essential back-office workflows from general purpose devices, including MFPs, network scanners and even mobile devices like smartphones and tablets – turning them into strategic assets for accelerating business processes.

Lower Costs
Organizations with multiple locations can drastically reduce the costs associated with sending documents from a branch office to headquarters for processing.

Competitive Differentiation
KFS provides capabilities that organizations can leverage to introduce innovative new services such as self-service scanning from branch offices. Increase customer satisfaction, while improving security, compliance and overall productivity to differentiate from less responsive competitors.

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